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Glass Office Desk

You have shifted to a large new office and in the usual process of transferring your office furniture; you have broken your old wooden office desk. You have a good mind to invest in a Glass Office Desk for your office room and a few larger ones for the office reception desk and the dining room. But you are apprehensive of the fact that they might create a hole in your budget and are very fragile for rough office environment. You meet up with your old friend who had earlier moved to a new office and invested in glass furniture’s. Your friend offered you valuable tips regarding why should you invest in office desks made from glass and how you should take care of them. Shop Glass Top Office Desks

Corner Glass Office DeskWhy should you invest in office desks made from glass?

1.    Create a professional ambiance

When you invest in office desks made from glass, you would create a professional atmosphere in your new office. When customers or clients visit your well maintained office, they would have a positive impression about your business decorum. They would also understand that you take pains to keep your office clean and thus you would also go any length to keep your customer and your client happy.

2.    Office glass desks come in different varieties and styles

When you went with your friend to an office furniture shop, you were amazed at the different styles and shapes that were available for you to choose from. Apart from the crystal clear glass office desks, you quite liked a colored blue glass desk for your own office room. These desks made from glass also come with various metal fittings too.Click here to see these cool computer desks

3.    Well Priced

You had thought that these office desks made from glasses would be very expensive. But in fact they were well priced. In fact the owner of the office furniture store promised to give you good discount, as you would be purchasing them in bulk. Another element that you liked was that he agreed to customize your blue glass office desk as per your specification and he did not charge you extra for the customization.

•    Eco Friendly

When you invest in office furniture’s made from glass, you are making an effort to stop trees from being cut down. This might not be a big effort, buy you have taken a simple step in making the planet a better place and the thought is very important.

Important care Guidelines for Your Office Glass Furniture’s 

When you have invested in a few Glass Office Desk in your new office, you need to take regular care of them. It would be a good idea to share a few ideas regarding glass office furniture maintenance and share them with your employees and encourage them t use as well. Some of these important guidelines are:

•    When using your glass office desks, do not put heavy or slide heavy objects over the glass surface. This would create permanent scratches on the glass surface and the beauty of your office desk made from glass would be spoil forever.

•    Use table coasters when using cups for drinking coffee or to drink water. This would prevent any small scratches from occurring.

•    If you have an accident and drop coffee or food on the glass surface, immediately take a napkin and wipe it dry. Otherwise your glass surface would get stained and this would be difficult to remove.

•    If you use fountain pain, place a small coaster over the area where you keep the pen and the ink pot. Otherwise if there is an unattended ink stain, the glass surface in your table would have a blue tint to it and this would make it look bad.

How do you clean your office glass furniture?

You can teach your cleaning personnel very simple tricks to clean your glass office desk. These are:

•    He can use a e-cloth and a mild detergent to clean your glass surfaced desk in your room.

•    If there are stains on the glass surface, he can use a sponge and gently rub the stain in one single direction. The movement should be gentle otherwise marks would be on the glass desk.

•    Good quality chamois leather can also be used to clean your office glass desks daily.

Now that you have all these valuable inputs, you can invest in a glass office desks for your new office and enjoy showing it off to your friends.

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